From the moment we decided to create Egg-Free Epicurean until we sent out our first sample, more than a full year went by. We used that time to lay the groundwork to keep you, our customer, as safe as possible.

For our facility and our products, we use the term "allergen-free" to mean "egg-free, peanut-free and tree nut-free" below the limit of detection ("LOD") of 5ppm (parts per million). Any time you hear the term “allergen-free” make sure you know what is meant by those words.

You won’t find many food manufacturers who will tell you this, but as we’ve said before, our primary goal is educating food allergic consumers: It’s important for you to know that NO food company can guarantee you that their products contain 0ppm (zero parts per million) of a food allergen. Why? Because the testing tools available for determining the presence of food allergens in foods have certain limits of detection ("LOD"), and there are no tests available to verify claims of 0ppm.

Although current research has not yet determined an exact threshold, allergen levels below the LOD of 10ppm are generally considered to be lower than the level that should trigger an allergic reaction. Egg-Free Epicurean tests for an even lower level of 5ppm, but no one can test for 0ppm.

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